Claude VonStroke Shares His Dirtybird Campout West 2019 Playlist: Listen


Featuring tracks from Eprom & Zeke Beats, Journey and the Dirtybird bossman himself.

In its 14 years of existence, Dirtybird has made its name on smartly bumping house and techno and a sweetly goofy persona that puts fun at the forefront. The Dirtybird Campout is the physical manifestation of this brand.

This weekend, October 4-6,  in Modesto, Calif., the fifth annual west coast incarnation of the Campout will host three days of music, games and general revelry for the young and young at heart. The lineup includes Dirtybird mainstays Ardalan, Justin and Christian Martin, J. Phlip, Justin Jay, Walker & Royce, Sacha Robotti and Vnssa, along with friends of Dirtybird including Jhené Aiko, Dam-Funk, Cut Chemist, Eprom and many more.

Meanwhile, the camp activities schedule includs a spelling bee, kickball, dodgeball, a potato sack race, kayaking, tie dye and other activities that will stir up some nostaliga for those summers at sleepaway camp. 

At the helm of the operation of of course Claude VonStroke, the Dirtybird founder who's performing at the Campount under this name and as his other project, Barclay Crenshaw. Certainly no one understands the sounds that get the Campout crowd going better than the man who created the label, the fest and the huge fanbase around them. Here, in his own words, Vonstroke chooses eight tracks for the weekend. 

Journey, "Don't Stop Believin'"

Mica J from the Bingo crew mixed this vocal into like six funk records straight during the Bingo dance party, he had us laughing so hard and it kept coming back in over and over again. Amazing.

Claude VonStroke, "Barrump" 

Certain tracks just sound like Campout, and this one really works there. I've even seen plenty of "Barrump" totems walking around. 

Barclay Crenshaw, "I'm Up Here"

I started the Barclay Crenshaw project at Campout year one. It was my very first DJ set. This track has my son Jasper singing on it, and it always seems to sneak into my Barclay Crenshaw sets every year in some fashion. I just love it.

Rod Fussy feat. Snidevarious & Chris Ratliff, "Warm Up Voice" 

Rod Fussy is one of my favorite DJ names, and this track is like a giant double chin waggling in the wind. It's just fun, and it's been on so many games and activities recap videos.

Eprom and Zeke Beats, "Humanoid 2.0"

Crazy evil bass tracks also have their place at Campout on the Bass Lodge where we feature jungle, footwork, hip-hop and experimental artists. This is one of the craziest and hardest bass tracks by our man Eprom, who has been at four Campouts!

Eric B. & Rakim, "Microphone Fiend"

Every year, a classic hip-hop artist appears at Campout. This is a tradition I started back on the old BBQ shows, when we had EPMD and De La Soul and Phife Dawg, etc. This year, the special guest is Eric B. & Rakim, and I couldn't be more excited, because this was one of the most influential groups on my music career.

Cour T, "Black Magic"

Our newest signed Dirtybird artist is Cour T. from Brazil. This kid is 17 years old, and his tracks all have this very sleazy, funky element that is hard to explain until you hear them.

Pimpo Gama, "Let's Play it Again"

This is track No. 1 on the Dirtybird Campout compilation. In typical Dirtybird style, it has a very unique section that makes you stop and say, "What track is that?" This particular element is an arpeggio trick described in detail by a young girl on the record.