City Of the Sun Follows the Light in ‘La Luz’ Visual: Exclusive


Instrumental rock group City of the Sun creates the ideal backdrop for a wilderness-traversing spiritual awakening on the visual for their latest single “La Luz," premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Oct. 29).

The video begins with a lone protagonist holed up in a van outside of an uninhabited, rugged terrain, but as night turns to day and a mysterious substance is consumed, the wide open vistas surrounding him come into focus and start to take on a life of their own. Aided by a masterful blend of panoramic views and intimate, often psychedelic profile shots that the band credits to director of photography Sonja Tsypin, “La Luz” unfolds into a truly epic adventure.

“This song tells the story of a person going through an experience of loss and isolation,” guitarist John Pita tells Billboard. “In a way that could be a very transcending and powerful experience. The video takes you through this journey in a more literal sense, as the main character takes a drug, gets lost in a desert and loses touch with reality.”

The winding narrative takes the surreal elements a step further as the visual progresses and the hero comes face-to-face with a mysterious rider on horseback and a band of marauders. The introduction of the unexpected accentuates the dynamism of the band’s composition as the song begins to bear the burden of the hero’s journey.  

“Since we don’t have lyrics, the feeling a song gives us ends up telling the story. For some artists, they start off with the concept and then create the music, but for us it’s the opposite,” guitarist Avi Snow shares. “This video describes the story and feeling we get from ‘La Luz.’ Whether going through an intense period of your life or a crazy trip. There is something beautiful about the journey.”

The beauty in the visual is unmistakable as the crew explores a remote desert area outside of Joshua Tree National Park. This makes for a gorgeous presentation as the protagonist communes with nature and ultimately seems to move closer to self actualization. Despite the lush views and visual intrigue, the instrumental basis leaves room for interpretation, even amongst band members. 

Percussionist Zach Para adds, “For me, ‘La Luz’ is about a personal journey through times of hardship, confusion, beauty and growth. While things can get disorienting, you always make it through to find The Light and continue in confidence and resolution.”

As the parting shot suggests, the journey is far from concluded.

Check out the video for “La Luz” below.