City Of Boston Gives Green Light For "Straight Pride" Parade


Reports by Complex indicate that the city of Boston has officially green-lit a Straight Pride parade. The organizer behind it all, Mark Sahady, shared that the parade is scheduled to take place sometime in August. “It looks like the Boston Straight Pride Parade will happen. We filed a discrimination complaint and it appears the City of Boston understands they would lose in litigation,” shared Sahady via a Facebook post. “The city is now working with us on the parade. We will have the streets closed and be allowed to have floats and vehicles.” And considering the numerous ways we could unpack what the parade’s significance meant to the LGBT+ community, Twitter users were unafraid to share their outrage. 

Users ensured to let Mark Sahady know they were not here for the bigotry underlying these Straight Pride efforts. Political affiliate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared the following with regards to the issue: “Will “Straight Pride” be a Freaky Friday type situation where all of our history books, movies, stories, media, news, etc feature mostly LGBTQ+ people & perspectives? Will people have to come out as straight? What would folks march in? Socks w/ sandals on? Dad jeans?” Even Captain America‘s Chris Evans chimed on the affair. Moreover, the permit was requested by the organizers during Pride month which somewhat serves to disrespect the LGBT+ community. See the ensuing reactions below.