City Girls’ Yung Miami Talks Baby Daddy Requirements & Cardi B Wisdom


City Girls’ Yung Miami has been holding down the fort for the iconic duo despite JT serving time. And while we’re not certain she will have too much longer, considering the group’s Instagram teased JT’s return, the rapper continues to work overtime for the duo’s presence to remain felt. In a recent interview with BOSSIP, Yung Miami dished on a series of varying topics. As you may know, Yung Miami recently surprised her supporters with the news that she was pregnant and expecting a baby with super producer Southside. The news came from a snippet of a City Girls documentary. She thus kept things light and offered her top baby daddy requirements with the news outlet. She cited for him to be consistent, hardworking and have a career amongst other things. 

Moreover, the 1/2th member of the popular girl group discussed the pregnancy cravings she’s been having lately which included pineapples with seasoning salt. She placed specific emphasis on seasoning salt. The rapper also chimed in how Florida-bred artist Trina has always inspired her. She also shared the pregnancy advice she’s received from fellow rap comrade, Cardi B, who has been vocal about supporting the City Girls in the past. Cardi reportedly encouraged Yung Miami to carry through and that she can put anything she sets her mind to. Check out the interview above.