City Girls’ JT Expected To Be Released From Jail Within 90 Days


An update was offered on the status of 1/2 of City Girls group JT and the jailed member is finally getting released. The duo has amassed large success in the past few months with their hit-single “Act Up” becoming certified platinum and taking a seat on the Billboard Hot 100. Though only half of the duo was able to celebrate and reap the fruit of their combined efforts as City Girls affiliate JT was nabbed on fraud charges and has since been serving a two-year sentence in a Tallahassee prison. JT and her legal team have tried numerous times to have the rap star released ahead of time, but their efforts were previously unsuccessful. That was until now. 

During a press run at the BET Awards, City Girls manager and Quality Control co-founder Pierre “Pee” Thomas revealed on Miami’s 99 Jamz radio station that JT is scheduled to be released from jail “within 90 days.” Although he did not have an exact date in mind, it remains something we can look forward to. The City Girls reunited would definitely absolve Yung Miami of the heavy duties she’s had to carry, despite being pregnant, as the sole representative of the group. We can’t wait for JT to be home and kill it.