City Girls ‘Act Up’ & Lil Baby Brings ‘Pure Cocaine’ to 2019 BET Awards


Surrounded by a coterie of twerkers, City Girls’ Yung Miami brought the duo’s hit “Act Up” to the 2019 BET Awards. JT, naturally, wasn’t present, as the other half of the duo is currently in the middle of a two-year prison sentence for fraud.

When Yung Miami wrapped, the camera whipped over to Lil Baby as he crooned the opening to his Gunna collab “Close Friends” while waltzing up to the stage. But he put the feelings aside for a moment and segued into a hard-hitting performance of “Pure Cocaine” in front of a mock-up of a bank, seeming totally confident and in control despite tweeting “nervous as a mufucca” an hour before his performance.

When he finished, a bounty of riches in confetti money dropped from the ceiling.

Watch a bit of the performance below.