Ciara Talks New Album ‘Beauty Marks,’ Being Inspired by Oprah at the BBMAs: Watch


Ciara caught up with Billboard’s Desire Thompson on the red carpet at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday (May 1), discussing her BBMAs performance, why she admires Oprah Winfrey so much, and what fans can expect from her forthcoming album Beauty Marks.   

Speaking of her performance of her song “Thinkin Bout You,” Ciara tells Billboard that she wants people to feel good. “I want it to be about good energy and it’s going to be a lot of dancing,” she says. “But more than anything, I just want there to be good feels in the room, for people to feel the warmth of the record, and to want to sing along and have a good time.”   

Ciara also chats about The Hollywood Reporter’s recent inaugural Empowerment in Entertainment gala, where she had the opportunity to spend time with Oprah Winfrey, who was awarded the first-ever Empowerment in Entertainment award.   

“That was an incredible afternoon,” Ciara says. “We were there to honor the young, talented…future leaders of our world and it was specifically to people of color, and the cool thing is that what you realize about being in that room is that where you come from in life doesn’t determine how far you’ll go. The color of your skin does not limit you from who you can be and want to be in life.”

She adds that Winfrey has inspired a lot of women, including herself, calling her “one of the best entrepreneurs.”

In the interview, Ciara discusses her new album Beauty Marks, as well, which is due out May 10. “It’s an exciting album for me,” she says. “I think that it’s one of the best ones that I’ve done. Really proud of it. Macklemore’s joined me, Kelly Rowland’s joined me, Tekno, and also my girl Skylar Grey co-produced the title track ‘Beauty Marks’ and we also wrote it together, so I’m excited about it.”


“There’s something on there for everyone,” she continues. “There’s definitely something on there for every mood. I don’t slow it down too much on this album. I want to kind of keep a tempo going but there’s something on there for every mood and everyone, so I’m excited.” 

You can watch the full interview above, and check out a clip of Ciara’s BBMAs performance below. 


Ciara Talks New Album 'Beauty Marks,' Being Inspired by Oprah at the BBMAs: Watch