Ciara Says Future is Affecting Their Son’s Health


Ciara Says Future is Affecting Their Son's Health

Ciara is trying to change her custody arrangement with Future.

According to the singer, Future has skipped way too many scheduled visits with this son, little Future. Court documents state the rapper has missed 37 percent the visits, and he usually cancels at the very last minute, which affects Ciara's plans.

Ciara also has a problem with how much little Future has to travel in order to spend time with both parents. Ciara lives in Los Angeles, Future in Georgia and the long trips are affecting the child's health, the singer claims. She argues the long flights leave the child extremely tired and have led to emotional breakdowns in school.

Plus, when the 3-year-old visits his dad, Ciara says he spends most his time with Future's mother and grandmother instead Future himself. Additionally, she claims the rapper doesn't allow her to Facetime with the boy when he's with him.

Ciara wants to go to mediation with Future and come up with a schedule that isn't so physically taxing on their son. 

Do you believe Ciara's claims, or do you think she just wants to have more control over when Future sees their son?

Ciara Says Future is Affecting Their Son's Health