Ciara Poses With Her "Baby Boy Sunshine" Future Zahir


Despite Ciara‘s floppy album sales, we would be lying if we said she is not winning at life. Along with being a great mother, the singer is married to one of the richest football players in the game. Additionally, Cici was recently accepted into the prestigious business program for entertainment arts at Harvard University. That is without failing to mention that both Ciara and Russell Wilson are looking into starting their own production company. Indeed, the list can only go on when it comes to all the wins Ciara has amassed recently. Thus, haters can hate, but the numbers don’t lie (album sales included).

Moreover, the singer recently shared a photo of herself in full mommy-duty mode. The post shared via her official Instagram revealed Ciara and her baby boy, Future Zahir Wilburn, smiling gleefully at the camera. The two are cuddled up in a photo which hints that baby Future is slightly a momma’s boy. While the world continues to clown adult-Future for all of Ciara’s wins, it remains poignant that she is a great mother to her children. And if you are looking to score the same life blessings, you might want to check out Ciara’s calculated prayer, which is believed to be what helped her score the happy and successful life she is living now.