Ciara Denies Having Sex With Russell Wilson After $140 Million Contract Video


After filming a video in bed telling fans that they would be Seahawks for life after Russell Wilson signed a $140 million contract extension, Ciara and her husband got the whole world talking. Because of the location they decided to shoot the announcement in, many assumed that they had just finished celebrating as a couple before letting the world know. While Ciara chooses not to disclose what happened before they filmed the contract reveal, she maintains the fact that they went to sleep directly after publicizing it on social media.

Ciara Denies Having Sex With Russell Wilson After $140 Million Contract Video
James Devaney/Getty Images

Russell Wilson told the world about his incredible new contract extension with Seattle, announcing that he would be with the team for the long-run, becoming the highest-paid player in the NFL with his massive $140 million contract. The quarterback and his pop star wife have been in the media spotlight for quite some time and many expected that they had just finished some special activities before filming the announcement clip. During an appearance on Andy Cohen’s show, Ciara declined to comment on what happened before the video but she says that directly after they shared it, they went right to bed. She also joked that her first big purchase will be an Hermes bag, which she could definitely have afforded before Russ signed the deal.

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