Ciara Announces New Single 'Freak Me' Featuring Tekno: 'Been Dying to Share This With You'


As "Level Up" continues to climb the Billboard Hot 100, Ciara will return with the anthem's follow-up single on Friday (Aug. 10). "Freak Me" features an international assist from Nigerian Afrobeat savant Tekno. Cici announced the tropical single on social media Thursday, and from the clip, it seems she's taking her sound into a completely different direction by experimenting with a fresh genre.

"'FreakMe' Ft @TeknoOfficial out this Friday! Been dying to share this with you! Can’t wait! #AfroBeats #AfroWave#FreakMeFriday," Ciara posted to Instagram with the track's coinciding vibrant artwork. The African flavor can be heard in the tune's preview, as "Freak Me" is already available in some international markets outside the United States. 

"Level Up" has enjoyed viral success thanks to celebrities and fans inspired by the dance-themed visual participating in the "Level Up" Challenge. Serena Williams, Macklemore, Janelle Monae, and more have posted videos detailing ways they plan to improve their lifestyles.

The bop has since vaulted to No. 59 on the Hot 100. With "Freak Me" arriving less than a month after the pop banger, Ciara could be looking at releasing her first full-length album since Jackie before 2018's out. The 32-year-old inked a new deal with Warner Bros. Records in 2017. 

Check out Ciara's "Freak Me" announcement below.