Chuuwee scores multiple points as the "Boardman"


Chuuwee‘s work ethic is off the Richter scale from dropping collaboration projects and visuals, he is now back with the visuals for the song “Boardman”. The song is produced by Colin Brackett and shows Chuuwee at his lyrical peak dropping smooth flows and multi-layered lyrics that keeps the listener tuned in from start to finish. He doesn’t try to go over our heads but rather keep us contained in his world as he spits “..I’ll be playing Streets Of Rage/ Money dancing like I’m Skate/I’m a mystic, I’m a mage...”

The video is directed by Chuuwee & Castro and Shot by Castro of NewHighFilmz. It shows Chuuwee on a solo mission in the park.

“Boardman” is taken from his newest project Nimrod EP. Get it here. The short EP serves as a prelude to Chuuwee’s upcoming (9/7) and anticipated “Nephilim” album