Chucky Goes On Murderous Rampage In New "Child’s Play" TV Spot


The creepiest doll of all time will be making his return to the big screen this June. Orion Pictures have been hyping up the Child’s Play reboot for the past few months. With less than a month until the movie’s release, they’ve been slowly building the anticipation for the latest film. They’ve unleashed a few trailers and poked fun at Toy Story 4 which is slated to be released on the same day. 

Orion Pictures just shared a new TV spot called, “Playtime” which finally shows your boy Chucky on a killing spree. The 30-second ad opens up with Andy being gifted his Buddi doll by his mother who’s played by Aubrey Plaza. Shortly after, Andy realizes that something’s a little bit off about his toy doll. The trailer then shows clips of Chucky chasing people done with his knife and catching a few bodies. 

Earlier this month, the director of the film, Lars Klevberg, divulged on more details surrounding the film. For one, it’ll include upgrades to the original story, as you’ve already seen. The doll won’t be possessed by a serial killer this time around, instead, it’s a defective Buddi doll that’s been hacked. Klevberg later revealed that the film is essentially like a “Greek tragedy.”

[Chucky’s] motivation is understandable from his point of view but also to us,” he said “We can understand why he’s behaving like that. For every great antagonist, that’s really interesting. Because if you understand the antagonist and his motivations, than you can identify with him.”