Chromeo Bring The Heat with D.R.A.M. for Funky Performance of 'Musta Been' on 'Tonight Show': Watch


Electro-funk duo Chromeo know how to put on a colorful spectacle, no matter where they are. Performing their new single “Musta Been” f their upcoming fifth album Head Over Heels on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night (May 8,) the duo dominated their performance from jump.

Dave 1 kicked f the track with his infectious guitars, rocking a white blazer and deep cut black V-neck, while partner P-Thugg chilled in the background in a tan jacket playing his keys, fering an occasional auto-tuned wheeze, his face unrecognizable behind a massive pair shades.

As Dave tackled the first verse with a wide grin on his face, D.R.A.M. – who is featured on the single — ran out from backstage to a cheering audience to hit the track’s hook. D.R.A.M.’s multi-colored bathrobe and Mad Hatter-styled top hat was exactly what you'd expect from the high-energy singer known for having the best time all the time. While the band rocked out, D.R.A.M.’s vocals were the definite highlight the performance as he commanded the stage bouncing around and riffing at every turn. Head Over Heels is set to release on June 15.

Check out the energized performance below: