Chris Tucker Reveals "Rush Hour 4'" Is In Development


Last time we saw Lee and Carter, they were getting out a mess in Paris. That was all the way back in 2007; Rush Hour 3 was over 10 years ago. Thankfully, a new generation is about to experience one the world’s most beloved buddy action film franchises. While speaking with ESPN’s podcast The Plug, Tucker revealed that a sequel is in the works. “It’s happening. This is gonna be the rush all rushes,” Tucker joked, “Jackie is ready and we want to do this so that people don’t ever forget it.” Previously, Jackie Chan has gone on the record to say he would only do it if Chris was involved. It’s a friendship that is present both on and f screen.

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Beginning in 1998, Rush Hour introduced Chan and Tucker’s icon characters as they learned to get along in order to complete a case. The following films, Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3, were sporadically released with the former dropping in 2001 and the latter in 2007. In addition to the films, there was a short-lived tv show, Rush Hour that depicted Detective Carter and Detective Lee, however portrayed by different actors. The series was cancelled after a single season. Hopefully Rush Hour 4 will be the successful revival we’ve been waiting for.