Chris Evans Would "Cut Ties" With Tom Brady For Supporting Donald Trump


Chris Evans, who plays Captain America in The Avengers, has been known to get political on Twitter and loves to take shots at President Donald Trump. It’s clear that the actor isn’t a big fan, although he is a supporter of Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Evans loves his Patriots but has had reservations about them ever since Brady was spotted with a Make America Great Again hat in his locker. In a new cover story with The Hollywood Reporter, Evans addressed Brady’s association with Trump and what he thought about it.

“I don’t know,” Evans said. “I really hope he’s not a Trump supporter. I’m just hoping he’s one of those guys that maybe supported him and now regrets it. Maybe he thought it was going to be different — and even that bothers me — but maybe there’s a chance now he just thinks Trump’s an absolute dumb s***, which he is. If he doesn’t, if he’s still on that Trump train, I might have to cut ties. It’s really tough.”

Evans also talked about how he’s not scared to share his opinions, even if some people might stop liking him for it. As he explains, it’s all about integrity.

“You don’t want to alienate half your audience,” Evans said. “But I’d be disappointed in myself if I didn’t speak up. Especially for fear of some monetary repercussion or career damage — that just feels really gross to me.”

Looks like Evans is struggling with the idea that he might have to cancel the best quarterback in NFL history. Only time will tell whether or not he has the heart to do it.