Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Flamed For Not Remembering Her Man’s Lyrics


Chris Brown and Ammika Harris have been dating for a considerable amount of time now. The two have been seen numerous times gushing after one another on social media and we have reported on it as well. Most recently, Chris Brown’s bae posted some content wherein she was dancing and singing along to her man’s music. The whole thing happened during a night out with friends. Though things took an interesting turn when fans noted how Ammika was having a hard time reciting the lyrics to Kid Ink & Chris Brown’s “Remind Me.” Indeed, the singer’s girlfriend appeared to be stuttering and messing up the lyrics all the way which prompted a timely roast session in TheShadeRoom‘s comments. 

“Just look pretty for your man baby girl,” added RAPTV. Other fans took jabs at the girlfriend’s strong resemblance with Chris Brown’s long-time ex-girlfriend Karrueche, commenting “Karrueche’s stunt double living her best life.” A fan decided to formulate the words wrongly being lipped by Chris’s girlfriend by saying “Put your hammies to the side, BYEEEEE.” Lastly, harsh comments came through with regards to the poor girl’s personality “water has more personality than she does.” Well, perhaps it was simply a mistake, but we’re certain Ammika Harris will get the lyrics right next time.