Chris Brown’s Daughter Royalty Looks Just Like Him As A Man


Back in March of last year, Snapchat’s value fell nearly $800 million after the company posted an insensitive ad inquiring whether users would rather slap “Rihanna or punch Chris Brown,” and Rihanna proceeded to publicly denounce the company in the name of domestic abuse victims everywhere “Throw the whole app-oligy away.” 

Though it seemed as though it would never recover from such a loss, users and celebrities, like Cardia Bcontinued to use the app for its fun filters. Indeed, the app has come up with some pretty hilarious and crazy filters before, with some, like the old favorite “dog” filter, there to being a permanent addition, while others only being available for a limited time.

Their latest filter – which was released on May 9th – has people seeing what they would look like as the opposite gender, and users are absolutely loving it. Thousands of people, celebrities included, took to Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram to post priceless pictures of them using the filter on themselves or TV characters (like these Game Of Thrones inspired ones):

Chris Brown is the latest to use the comical filter, taking to Instagram last night to post this shocking and hilarious picture of daughter, Royalty as a man, and we can’t help but notice a family resemblance.

You can check out some more funny tweets from Miley Cyrus and some other Twitter users using the filter.