Chris Brown's Controversial Photos Spark Petition To Get CBE Dropped From Interscope


Despite his inarguable talent, Chris Brown remains a controversial figure in the entertainment world. His history domestic abuse has been well documented in the past and to this day, haunts his career. Most recently, photos the singer's hands around a woman's neck surfaced on the web, and as you could expect, wasn't positively received. He and the woman in the photo have claimed that it was simply horseplay, however, that doesn't seem to be enough for people on the Internet who are petitioning to get Chris Brown's label, CBE, to be dropped from Interscope Records.

Care2, an online petition website, are trying to get Chris Brown's label CBE removed from Interscope following photos his hands around a woman's neck surfaced last week. Chris Brown launched CBE Records in 2007 under Interscope. The petition is directed to Interscope CEO, John Janick, and says, "Brown's dangerous history violence against women has gone ignored for far too long. Brown is a threat to women and needs to be held accountable for his actions."

The petition itself is near its mark. The goal is set at 17K signatures and as now, is sitting over 16K and is likely to hit 17K very soon.

The petition also pulls a quote from Rihanna's response to the surfaced photos that she made to Hollywood Life. "It's just a bad look — period. After everything they went through, she's disappointed that he'd even play around like that." 

Aside fromt he photos, Chris Brown recently announced his "Heartbreak On A Full Moon" tour which is slated to kick f in June.