Chris Brown's Battery Accuser Records Diss Track After Settlement


It was last year in September that Chris Brown reportedly struck a settlement in the aftermath a lawsuit for assault after Brazilian model Liziane Gutierrez alleged that the singer punched her in the face and took her phone in Las Vegas after she took a picture him during a private party at the Palms Hotel, leaving her with a black eye.

While initial reports suggested that Gutierrez made f with $70,000 in the case, other sources contradicted the amount saying that Chris Brown paid out much less. But, it seems like Gutierrez is confirming that she did indeed end up seventy grand richer as she most recently made a song about the whole ordeal.

That is correct, the track, distributed and available on all platforms under the stage name Tierrez, never names Chris Brown directly but doesn’t leave much up to imagination in the lyrics as she opens up singing, “Thanks for the settlement / Thanks for the check / Seventy Grand, in case you forget / I don’t need it just so you know, but you’re gonna pay what you owe.”

“This song is about my victory, more than just money,” Gutierrez wrote in an Instagram caption. “It’s my chance to show the world that I was right the whole time. That I kept my mouth shut for all this time just waiting for the right moment and this is NOW.”

Check out the snippet below.