Chris Brown Warns Fans To Protect Their Families & Friends After 2020 Election


Chris Brown is sensing danger following the 2020 presidential election. The RCA Records singer encouraged fans to look after their loved ones, sharing his concerns about how people may act if the voting results don’t go their way.

“PLEASE YALL… after this election shit… protect ya families and friends,” he wrote via Instagram Stories. “be smart and safe please… these folks done lost they damn mind.”

Brown’s anxiety is understandable considering how things may play out over the next few weeks and months. If Joe Biden does win the election, Donald Trump will be a lame duck president who’s already called the integrity of voting into question. Protesters in Michigan showed up where ballots are being counted to chant about stopping the count after Trump falsely claimed he won.

The winner of the 2020 presidential election is still undecided as of Wednesday afternoon (November 4). Votes are still being calculated in multiple battleground states.

Biden and Trump are in a race to get 270 electoral votes, which would make them the winner of the election. CNN projections have Biden with 253 as opposed to Trump’s 213. But none of these totals are finalized with battleground states potentially swinging the results in either candidates’ favor.

Amid the election madness, America and the rest of the world are still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Brown’s message about safety can also apply to that ongoing crisis, which has disrupted life and won’t experience some relief until a vaccine emerges.