Chris Brown Thirsts Hard Over Rihanna Lingerie Pics: See His Comments


Sometimes, it’s just time to let it go. Chris Brown is rumored to be expecting a child with his ex-girlfriend but he still has eyes on the most-famous woman he’s ever been romantically involved with. We all know how things ended between Breezy and Rihanna. That story has been told a million times but we never really go back to how happy and in love the couple was when they were at their peak. Yes, things did pop off at the end and it likely ruined their chances of ever enjoying a public friendship or relationship. Although RiRi never really talks about her time spent with the Virginia-based vocalist anymore, CB still shows signs that he misses the woman many would consider to be his soulmate.

In the past, he’s let his excitement slip while peeping photos of his ex-girlfriend in her lingerie line, commenting on the shots and sending her fans into a fit of rage. That same thing happened this morning when people began noticing that he had done the exact same thing again, leaving his mark three times on the latest Savage X Fenty photos.

Rihanna took to social media to share new images of her latest designs, flaunting a pair of lace undies and laying down on some lavish sheets. Breezy saw the pics and he just needed to get something off his chest, lusting over Rih in a public forum. “I wanna be the lamp,” said Brown, wishing he were in the room at the time of the photoshoot. He paired that with a series of flustered emojis.

Do you think it’s time for Chris Brown to give it a rest?