Chris Brown Pulled Into Alleged Sexual Assault Case


Throughout his career, Chris Brown has been around his fair share controversy. While he may never see the day that his name is fully in the clear, it appears as though the singer may have new allegations to worry about. Over the years, Chris has proven himself as one the most talented people in the industry, being compared to many the greats because his impressive vocal range and multi-talented catalog work. While his inclusion in the music world is ten taken for granted, controversy continues to surround his name. This time, he is being named in a sexual assault lawsuit that allegedly occurred in his house.

High-prile women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred issued a press release from her law firm today noting that Brown is connected to the case. Breezy is named as the assault allegedly took place in his home. While his connection to the case is relatively unclear aside from that, a young, unidentified woman is filing the lawsuit and claiming, “that she was repeatedly sexually assaulted while falsely imprisoned in one the bedrooms Chris Brown’s house.” Whether or not Chris is personally involved in the assault is not mentioned in the press release but, according to The Blast, it is made clear that the event took place in his home. 

A press conference is expected to be held later today and the alleged victim will not be present in order to protect her identity. As details become more clear, we will provide updates.