Chris Brown Is Selling Lamps With His Face After Thirsting Over Rihanna’s IG Pic


Chris Brown‘s relationship ended with Rihanna years ago but even with an alleged child on the way, Breezy still isn’t giving up on it. Whether joking or not, Chris Brown’s constantly finding some sort of way to make headlines by thirsting over Rihanna publicly. I mean, he was even hit with a restraining order to stay a certain distance from her at all times. 

Chris Brown Is Selling Lamps With His Face After Thirsting Over Rihanna's IG Pic
Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, Rihanna was out here promoting the Fenty empire’s upcoming lingerie line which more or less caught the attention of everyone on the Internet, including Chris Brown. If liking the picture wasn’t enough, he slid in the comments as if he were a regular civilian, saying, “I wanna be the lamp.” Rihanna didn’t respond to the comments, likely because she’s moved on with her life, but everyone else was scratching their heads wondering why Chris Brown, who was convicted of assaulting Rihanna, is still trying to have her name associated with his. 

Well, whether or not he caught Rihanna’s attention has yet to be confirmed but he is undoubtedly ready to bank on the idea of being a lamp. The rapper’s currently on the INDIGOAT tour and he took to Instagram to unveil his latest piece of merch: a lamp with his face on it. Chris Brown’s clearly getting to the bag either way.