Chris Brown Has Commenters Up In Arms Over Conspiracy Theory Post


It could be a troll or it could be a glimpse into the mind Chris Brown. Breezy posted a photo to his Instagram account a stop sign that was vandalized to write “Stop Believing NASA.” Whether or not Chris posted it because he thought it was funny and wanted his followers to have a quick laugh with him, or if he actually sides with the statement, is unclear as there is no attached caption. However, the comments section went up in arms about the post, with conspiracy theorists running rampant, saying people are too scared to do research on the matter while, ironically, almost none them actually fer up their own research to back their claims.

Chris’ post was likely meant to stir up some conversation among his fans, or for comedic purposes. Commenters took up the opportunity to write their views on the whole “flat earth or round earth” debate. Many criticized the artist for daring to have an opinion on the matter and to work on his music. 

CB has been focused on his music lately, releasing his platinum double-disc album Heartbreak On A Full Moon and appearing in several guest features. Chris likely did not take any sides in this post as it appears it was simply uploaded for its comedic value. Breezy was criticized earlier today by Vanessa Carlton after he reposted her song “One Thousand Miles,” to which Vanessa took fense, bringing up Breezy’s past domestic violence and saying that her name is now continually linked to his account.