Chris Brown Fans Argue With Beyoncé’s Beyhive That He’s A Better Artist


Most of the time, there is no use arguing about somebody being a more talented artist than somebody else. It’s like comparing athletes. Will there ever be an answer as to who is the best between Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant? No, and there won’t be a winner in the music world either. Each artist contributes something different to the world and that’s what we love so much about the art form they represent. Beyoncé and Chris Brown are both insanely talented individuals. Both of them are experienced singers, dancers, actors, and more. They have proven themselves time and time again but that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for them to be compared. After the release of her Homecoming documentary, Beyoncé fans have been raving about the project for days on social media. Chris Brown’s loyal following decided to chime in and rain on her parade though, arguing that Chris is a better overall performer.

Chris Brown Fans Argue With Beyoncé's Beyhive That He's A Better Artist
Hollywood To You/Star Max/Getty Images

While we can’t speak for all Breezy fans, some have been acting up on Twitter, responding to Bey’s following that despite the fact that she had one of the most iconic performances in Coachella history, Chris Brown can flip and that’s more impressive. Brown is one of the most established artists of his generation and he puts on a hell of a show. So does Beyoncé. Just because we’ve never seen Bey pull a flip on stage, that doesn’t mean that CB is better. Just sayin’.

Both artists have had stellar weeks with the release of Beyoncé’s new documentary and Chris Brown’s fresh single. What are your thoughts on this debate? Do you think one can justifiably be considered better than the other?