Chris Brown Accused Of Skipping Child Support Payments


Chris Brown is a proud father of one beautiful daughter and he’s got another kid on the way. He’s clearly in love with his baby girl Royalty, posting photos and videos of her all the time on social media. However, Ro’s mother isn’t too fond of the way he’s been handling his business.

According to The Blast, Nia Guzman, Chris Brown’s daughter’s mother, is taking Breezy to court for avoiding his monthly child support bills. The two seemingly have an amicable relationship with Nia even taking Chris’ side in his “good hair” scandal this week but she’s not playing around when it comes to her money. A new report reads that Brown has allegedly skipped out on $17,743 worth of child support since February and Guzman is fighting to see that money. 

Chris Brown Accused Of Skipping Child Support Payments
Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

In the court documents, Guzman reportedly says that Brown “has repeatedly engaged in conduct that dramatically increased the cost of litigation. He has ignored deposition notices, offered to participate in mediation in a court hearing then failed to even respond to potential mediation dates when proposed, and ignored settlement offers altogether.”

In addition to asking for over $250K in back child support, Guzman claims that Brown makes over $7.5 million per year, which is more than enough for him to comfortably come through on his bills. Hopefully, these two can get this sorted out.