Chris Broussard Hits Kevin Durant With Receipts After Twitter Shade


Kevin Durant and Chris Broussard are two people that the internet loves to hate on. Durant is an easy target thanks to his ring-chasing ways that brought him to Golden State, all while he appears to be the most sensitive man on Twitter. As for Broussard, some sports fans simply aren’t a fan of his sports takes which has led to a heavy amount of ridicule. That’s why it was NBA Twitter’s dream scenario when the two started going back and forth last week. It all started when Broussard said it would be KD’s “worst nightmare” should the Warriors win a ring without him. This prompted Durant to clap back on Twitter which got NBA fans riled up.

Yesterday, Broussard went on Undisputed where he said him and Durant have texted in the past and have a “love/hate” relationship. Durant replied to these claims once again by saying “Cap. Cap. Cap cap cap….u don’t have my number mannnnn.”

Last night, Broussard took to Twitter where he posted a video detailing his relationship with Durant. In the post, he claims to have over 60 Instagram and Twitter DM’s from Durant which came from three separate conversations. Broussard also makes the claim that these conversations lasted a total of five hours with Durant initiating every single one.

Durant has yet to reply to this latest video, although based on his paper-thin exterior, it certainly won’t be long before he does.