Chris Adler Explains Split with Lamb of God After 26 Years: ‘I Am Unwilling to Paint By Numbers’


Chris Adler was badly injured in a motorcycle accident in Thailand in 2017. But that's not why he left Lamb of God after logging more than 25 years with the metal group, according to a lengthy Facebook post on Wednesday (Oct. 23) in which the group's former drummer/co-founder explained the split. "I feel it is time to address the many questions being asked about my departure from Lamb Of God," wrote Adler, who praised the two-plus decades he spent with the band, while alluding to a larger, untold story about the decision.

"We all gave our lives to this, 26 years is not flippant," he continued. "Each one of us sacrificed and lost much on a personal level to live the dream we had when we were kids. I will always love each member of the band for believing in me and agreeing to take on the world. We managed to find some love in the machine, but in turn it took things that cannot be recovered. I did not leave the dream. I did not make the decision to leave my life’s work. The truth is that I am unwilling to paint by numbers. I wish my brothers all the best in their continued ventures. I can assure you that you will hear from me again. I was given a gift and hope to continue to share it."

Adler confirmed that he was badly injured in the motorcycle accident, but that he's "been well" since August 2018. However, a month after his recovery was complete Adler wrote on Instagram that he'd, "experienced some issues related to the injuries that needed to be addressed with a rigorous schedule of physical and occupational therapy which is what I have been doing regularly since July." Adler was replaced in 2018 by former Prong/Winds of Plague drummer Art Cruz. 

Without offering specifics, Adler said he supports his friends and the rock and roll dream they shared and is humbled the the love of the group's fans, but alludes to a creative conundrum that was untenable for him. "There is an ambiguous concept in our world of 'selling out,'" he continued. "I cannot define that outside of my personal understanding, but know that being trapped in a 'creative' formula and/or playing the same song 10,000 times did not bolster my love of playing. I’m never been one to 'phone it in.' I’d rather mow the grass… I was not given a choice in this and my dream is alive."

Lamb of God is currently on tour and at press time it did not appear that the group had responded to Adler's statement.

Read Adler's full post below.