Chloe Grace Moretz Rebels Through Conversion Therapy in 'The Miseducation of Cameron Post' Trailer


The tales what happens during gay conversion therapy have been spreading throughout mainstream media for the past few decades. Jamie Babbit’s 1999 cult classic comedy But I’m a Cheerleader dealt with the issue head on; Dusty Ray Bottoms opened up about his experience with it on the latest season RuPaul’s Drag Race; and the upcoming film Boy Erased will tackle the real-life story author Garrard Conley’s time in a conversion program.

Now another new film, The Miseducation Cameron Post, aims to tackle the same subject with actress Chloë Grace Moretz at the helm. The actress plays the titular Cameron, who has been sent to a gay conversion camp called God’s Promise after she is outed to her conservative aunt.

In a new trailer for the film, Cameron meets two fellow campers — “Jane Fonda” (played by Sasha Lane) and Adam (played by Forrest Goodluck) — who befriend her and share their own disdain for the program. “You don’t really seem like the kind person who would be here,” Cameron tells Jane. “I didn’t have a choice. Did you?” she responds.

Throughout the rest the trailer, Cameron and her fellow campers form a bond as queer teenagers undergoing a shared experience, while Cameron continually thwarts the attempts the camp’s counselors to “re-educate” her. “Fuck this place,” she declares. “I am tired feeling disgusted with myself.”

The film is an adaptation the novel by the same name, written by author Emily M. Danforth. According to Danforth, the story was loosely based on a controversy back in 2005, when a teenager named Zach Stark posted a MySpace entry about how he was being forced to attend a gay conversion camp called Refuge by his parents after he came out to them. Stark’s words led to continual protests and debates over gay conversion therapy and ultimately helped shut down Refuge.

The Miseducation Cameron Post, directed by Appropriate Behavior’s Desiree Akhavan, has already caught the attention critics everywhere. At this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the movie took home the event’s top honor, the U.S. Grand Jury Prize, before being sold to FilmRise for distribution.

Watch the full trailer for The Miseducation Cameron Post below: