Chloe Bailey Gears Up To Release First Solo Single


While fans are still taking in the recent arrival of Certified Lover Boy, others are awaiting the arrival of a different project. Chloe Bailey is gearing up to release her first solo single, “Have Mercy,” which is expected to be on the singer’s debut solo album. Recently, the 23-year-old has been stepping out of her comfort zone and turning heads with her Instagram freestyles, dancing videos, and the cover art for the anticipating TikTok song, expected to release September 10th.

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Although she is an R&B protege of Beyonce, Chloe describes the album to be more pop in an interview with Billboard. “I’m creating my own lane, as well as paying homage to the ones who have inspired me. It has been fun finding my voice,” she stated. “I started working on this album in 2019, a month or two before the pandemic hit. I put a pause on it so my sister and I could promote Ungodly Hour, but in between, I was in my bedroom creating at night. I’d be making my own beats and working on songs and ideas for this project that I knew would come, I just didn’t know when.”

Many people know Chloe from the singing duet, “Chloe and Halle.” Chloe also shared how the creative process is different from working alone, rather than with her sister. “When my sister and I create, we don’t try to dim the other’s light, so the creative process for me has been exactly the same. Now it’s just me in my bedroom,” Chloe explained.


“It was a little scary in the beginning, because [I was used to] having Halle be there to ask, ‘Is this sounding good?’ Having her sign of approval meant so much to me. Now I have to be my own voice and be proud and confident in what I bring to the table.”

When asked about her goal for this project, Chloe shares that she “Just wanna have fun and let people get to see the real me.”

We are so excited and supportive of Chloe’s breakout as a solo artist. She will be performing for the first time alone at the 2021 VMA awards on September 12th. Check out more of her interview with Billboard regarding her upcoming project here.