China Mac & Jin Reconcile Years After Violent Shooting Incident


Nearly eighteen years ago, an altercation in Chinatown between Ruff Ryders rapper Jin and China Mac, an ex-member of the Ghost Shadows Gang, left one of Jin’s friends Christopher “LS” Louie shot in the back. The incident left Mac on the run for a year, until he was eventually nabbed attempting to flee to Canada with a fake passport. He ultimately found himself imprisoned for a decade, and upon his release, set about attempting to right his wrongs. Now, Mac has extended the olive branch to Jin, inviting the rapper to a sit down for the first time in fifteen years. 

Off the bat, China Mac makes sure to clear the air, offering an emotional apology for his role in the incident. “I want to take the time to apologize,” he says, looking Jin in the face. “To you, and also to LS, and everybody involved, the family members.” Jin exhales, taking in the scope of the gesture, as Mac continues. “I never really thought I would ever do that, but now sitting here with you in front of me, I feel compelled to do so,” he says. “At the end of the day, we become men, by not what we do  but how we respond to certain things. How we realize our own mistakes and how we take the initiative to make things right.”

“I can’t speak for LS, who is not here,” replies Jin. “I think that it is important for me, as Jin, to speak on his involvement in this. He is a big part of this situation. I didn’t know what to expect coming into this, what you would say. But for me, I receive your apology. When you hit me up about this, you really emphasized that this is bigger than both of us. I think that’s what really has me sitting in this seat. Bigger than you, bigger than me. Whoever’s watching this out there, that they can see that there can be healing in everything. It’s different time for everyone.”

The clip itself is a fascinating watch, especially for those familiar with the backstory. Despite everything that has transpired between both men, it’s truly inspirational to see them putting their violent past behind them, proving that peace can indeed triumph over violence and hostility. Check out the full conversation below.