China City Locks Down 30K People Inside After News of Single COVID Case


Many Disneyland goers in China this past weekend may have had quite the experience in the Magic Kingdom after a single guest at the amusement park tested positive for COVID-19, causing more than 30,000 guests to be forcibly locked inside until taking a COVID test.

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After being tested, guests would be shuttled away from the company’s second-largest park on buses to a nearby hotel where they would self-isolate.

While over 30,000 may have had a different day than they had planned, after hours of being locked down, it has been reported that no one tested positive for the COVID-19 disease.


Since the scare, the park has remained closed and is safely planning a time to reopen. In efforts to accommodate visitors who were affected by the shock, Shanghai Disneyland reportedly said they would “refund tickets and notify guests as soon as there was a confirmed date for resumption of activities.” Check out footage of the mayhem below.