Childish Gambino 'This Is America' Reactions: The Good, The Bad & The Kanye Bashing


The reactions are pouring in after the release Donald Glover's (aka Childish Gambino) jaw-dropping music video for “This Is America,” which premiered shortly after he took the stage to host Saturday Night Live on May 5.

The four-minute clip, a stunning statement about violence and gun control in America, has received overwhelmingly positive feedback on social media, from Erykah Badu tweeting that Glover is a “genius,” to other fans praising it as a shoe-in for video the year. On the opposite side, some described the clip as “evil garbage,” noting the extreme, hard-hitting violence. Many also pondered the various elements symbolism hidden within the clip.

It's also worth noting that some onlookers are using the provocative “This Is America” video as a platform to continue bashing on Kanye West, who was slammed over the past week for his support President Trump and suggesting on TMZ that slavery was a choice by African-Americans.

Some are commenting that West should should be turning out the same type relevant, thought-provoking music instead pushing out songs with lyrics like “poopity scoop,” which is found in his new song “Life Yourself.”

“Kanye declares himself a genius drops 'poopty scoop,' Donald Glover drops #ThisIsAmerica & says nothing,” one person tweeted. Another wrote that “Childish Gambino is what Kanye aspires to be but fails to attain.”
Here are some the most notable social media reactions to Childish Gambino's “This Is America,” broken down into four categories: The Good, The Bad, The Kanye Bashing, and The Symbolic.


Donald Glover is a Genius.

— ErykahBadoula (@fatbellybella) May 6, 2018

Note to ❤️Donald : 'America' Brilliant on all levels . If you would have been naked at the end on the running scene , it would have been perfect. –… (that's GLOVER btw – gotta specify lol)

— ErykahBadoula (@fatbellybella) May 6, 2018

But real talk , @donaldglver know he look like the lost Isley Brother in this video. Donald Isley. #stillgenius #ThisIsAmerica

— ErykahBadoula (@fatbellybella) May 6, 2018

Donald . Glover .

— Janelle Monáe, Cindi (@JanelleMonae) May 6, 2018

New Childish Gambino video is absolutely game breaking. My God.

— Hozier (@Hozier) May 6, 2018

Holy shit. Well, it’s barely even May and Gambino already has Video the Year on lock. #ThisIsAmerica

— johnny (@JohnnySobczak) May 6, 2018

Soooo… we put the wrong Donald in fice #ThisIsAmerica

— tara kelty (@tarakelty) May 6, 2018

Wow Childish Gambino @donaldglover's new video is definitely going to piss some people f but I loved it #ThisIsAmerica

— Cesar (@el_CEEZ) May 6, 2018

Watched #ThisIsAmerica twice in a row because WOW. @donaldglover is a true modern day Renaissance man. I am never not excited by what he puts out.

— Dougy Fresh — (@CracktApple) May 6, 2018

When you wanna count f the church scene as hyperbolic but you realize that Charleston really happened… Bible Study.

Also, notice how black] bodies were left while the gun was handled with respect and care. #ThisIsAmerica

— Shihabe masum (@shihab_masum) May 6, 2018

Pretty sure we should all just quit and start letting @donaldglover make everything. #ThisIsAmerica

— Rhett McLaughlin (@rhettmc) May 6, 2018

Have been thinking about this final scene since last night… So powerful. #ThisIsAmerica

— Johanna Fuentes (@jfuentes) May 6, 2018

One my favorite music videos I’ve ever seen

— Travis Lindquist (@vikingchild88) May 6, 2018

Me when I realized that gambino's dance moves distracted me from all the craziness happening in the background and that's exactly the point he's trying to make… #ThisIsAmerica

— Claudia Gonzales (@claudiag0292) May 6, 2018

If I could attach a voice memo to this tweet me screaming I absolutely would #bino #thisisamerica

— jewel (@jewelabroad) May 6, 2018

My fucken reaction no lie #childishgambino #ThisIsAmerica

— SUMMER✨ (@Summerstef) May 6, 2018

I'll just like to say… Donald Glover can do all things and does all things unlike any other ——.

— cloud B. makaveli (@chrstphr__) May 6, 2018

It’s crazy one day my future child will have posters in their room childish gambino and know everything about him and wish they lived in the 2000-10s/20s cause it seems so much cooler than the 2040s

— J (@YungJase) May 6, 2018

Donald Glover is too talented. It's overwhelming. #ThisIsAmerica

— Cousin Carl (@carlchery) May 6, 2018

#ThisIsAmerica Here's a choice. Let's stop paying attention to @kanyewest and figure out that @donaldglover has more important things to say. He literally just killed it on #SNL. Time to move on.

— Urban Radio Nation (@UrbnRadioNation) May 6, 2018


— This is evil garbage.

Look at this eyes, he's possessed or he's being himself. The need to promote violence and thirst for blood.

Also, this is propaganda against the second amendment.#MAGA #QAnon #2ADefenders #PatriotsUnite —- #DrainTheDeepStateSwamp

— Camila — Sweetlipz — I miss my king —-❤—- (@CamilaSweetlipz) May 6, 2018

i think the shit trash too, the lyrics have no substance, just cause homie shooting someone in the back the head in the beginning the video dude is the second coming public enemy'? stop being prisoners the moment dude aint even rhyming or talking in the song.

— LifeIsRigged (@KeithLeGenD4) May 6, 2018

This Is America is such a garbage song on it's own without the video. People gotta stop hyping up shit with the most basic ass symbolism.

— ~~e. zant~~ (@maniadrone) May 6, 2018

#ThisisAmerica I presume since Twitter has been promoting this garbage for 2 days, it must be some anti-American crap.#KanyeWest is better than you clowns. All you. #MAGA.

— Nobody (@Kamaka27) May 6, 2018

Childish Gambino's this is America is the worst mubble rap garbage I've ever heard. This is coming from someone who listened to Camp everyday this week getting pumped this new song. Beyond disappointed

— Manboy the dragon (@touchgrey9) May 6, 2018

Yo, that new Childish Gambino is some hot fucking garbage. Probably the worst thing I've ever heard/seen from @donaldglover. I'm bummed because I'm sure there's a really good message in that song, but it just sounds so atrocious on every level. #ThisIsAmerica

— Evan Harrison (@AlTheKiller) May 6, 2018

#ThisIsAmerica it's no wonder these kids are losing it in our country when all they see is negative crap & these are the sell out idiots they have to look up to. SMH Thats not even rap in my book its propaganda's talent & real musicians

— AMERICANPATRIOT (@1776MAGA1) May 6, 2018


Kanye declares himself a genius drops “poopty Scoop”.
Donald Glover drops #ThisIsAmerica & says nothing.

I’ll let you decide who the genius is here.

— Rome Flynn (@RomeTrumain) May 6, 2018

if kanye was woke as he was a decade ago, THIS is the kind stuff I’d imagine he’d be putting out today #ThisIsAmerica

— angie (@planettacoemoji) May 6, 2018

Childish Gambino is what Kanye aspires to be but fails to attain. #ThisIsAmerica

— ✊–Black Aziz aNANsi✊– (@Freeyourmindkid) May 6, 2018

Who cares about losing Kanye? We have Childish Gambino #ThisIsAmerica

— BLACK AND PROUD (@BlkAndPr0ud) May 6, 2018

Donald Glover has become what we wanted Kanye to be in 2018. #ThisISAmerica

— Al Pritchard (@Al_YourPal) May 6, 2018

#ThisIsAmerica It’s like Kanye was supposed to be our musical Anakin Skywalker,but now Childish Gambino/Luke Skywalker (The New Hope) has filled the seat meant for the ‘father’. THE IRONY…

— —-⚡️ (@CeeAkachi) May 6, 2018

Get Kanye West out here. Childish Gambino taking his spot.

— Juwan (@KingTrillaX) May 6, 2018

Donald Glover really came to save us from the poopy di scoop
scoop diddy whoop. #ThisIsAmerica

— NickName (@Naam1595) May 6, 2018


So much symbolism in #ThisIsAmerica 1. Guns are handled with care 2. The kids are following his every move 3. Travon Martins dad playing the guitar 4. Dance moves depicting americas shopping craze 5. The people recording on their phones. SO MUCH MAN!

— Mel_OD K. Howard (@MEL_OD) May 6, 2018

Shook by how fast I caught this reference. I haven’t seen a Jim Crow picture in years. Donald Glover did not come to play with y’all today. #ThisIsAmerica

— Nichia (@nicky_furiosa) May 6, 2018

ALSO (continued): Could this be a Horseman the Apocalypse running through the background? But also the fact that you could miss it because the dancing in the foreground further emphasizes the distractions pop culture/social media #ThisIsAmerica

— Courtney Slavin (@courtneyslavin) May 6, 2018

People are so caught up in Gambino’s shoot that they don’t even realize what the hell is going on in the background. He’s literally talking about people who don’t care about what’s happening in society, but care about the latest dance fad. He’s talking about y’all.#ThisIsAmerica

— E-Money — (@imanimlewis) May 6, 2018

Man! Let me tell y’all abt this #ThisIsAmerica video:
1. It’s too short for how powerful it was!
2. Glover uses it to reference:
• Mass Shootings + hysteria
• Black men getting shot
• The state hip hop + how they don’t care about what’s going on
3. Self-directed

— BIG BALLER BRE (@brerobbbb) May 6, 2018