Childish Gambino Performs an Impromptu Version of 'This Is America' at the 2018 BET Awards


Jamie Foxx is a big fan Donald Glover's sensational song “This Is America.” Foxx made that clear at the 2018 BET Awards on Sunday (June 24), where he interrupted his hosting duties mid-ceremony to give a shout-out to the stirring social critique, which Glover released in May under his music moniker Childish Gambino.

After dancing his own rendition  the famous choreography Glover performs in the song's music video, Foxx even motioned for Glover to join him onstage, where Glover fered a flawless impromptu mini-performance the track's opening lines. It was up to the crowd to fill in the song's signature “yeah, yeah, yeah” chants.

But Foxx couldn't let Glover go before poking fun at the rapper's pajama-like outfit, with Glover explaining that he didn't realize he'd be appearing onstage when he chose his look for the night.

Watch a clip Glover's spontaneous performance below.