Childish Gambino Does A "Voodoo Dance" In "This Is America," Says Alex Jones


Internet conspiracy peddler Alex Jones never really paid much interest to rap music before Kanye performed his right-wing heel turn, but now he’s focused his attention on another huge rap star, Childish Gambino, and this time he’s not nearly as inviting. 

In a broadcast on Monday, Jones started f by ranting about the biased mainstream media once again feeding the public lies to demonize gun owners and Trump supporters. Their latest method? Childish Gambino’s new song and music video for “This Is America,” which dropped Sunday and became an instant sensation. 

According to Jones, Childish Gambino (or “Gambido” as he pronounces it) is spreading a false narrative about violence in America, especially among the black community. According to Jones, violence only happens in “blue states where they shipped the guns out and shipped narcotics in.” He then gets to the meat the video, Gambino’s energetic dancing throughout the video.

“So it’s all this emotional idiocy and people fittingly doing a voodoo dance. You know, I’m looking at video they just played the Donald Glover Childish Gambino dance he is doing that he probably thinks you think is real original. That’s a voodoo dance he’s doing,” says Jones. “Pull me in with voodoo dancing, people in trance, and that is a voodoo dance 110 percent. You’ve got all that then personified through artwork but they don’t think you know what you’re actually looking at.”

He then, course, ties it in with the Clinton’s, saying that they “like to go and do their own voodoo rituals as well.”

Someone should probably let Alex Jones know that BlocBoy JB’s “Shoot” dance and South African Gwara Gwara dancing doesn’t constitute voodoo.