Chief Keef Dodges Jail Time After Reaching Plea Bargain In Drug Case


Earlier today, Chief Keef was set to appear before a judge at the Minnehaha County in South Dakota, where the rapper was indicted on drug charges in 2017. Back in October of last year, Keef filed a motion to get the charges dismissed, albeit in a losing effort. The defense team and the arbitrator were in disagreement over their respective definitions of the term “controlled substance.”

Keef’s attorney pleaded disparity; the judge upheld the state legislature, at which point it was clear to both side that some kind of conditional punishment hung in the balance. “It is difficult to imagine how a person of ordinary intelligence could review the referenced statutes and determine whether marijuana edibles are a ‘controlled substance’ instead of marijuana,” the defense pleaded in October.

Chief Keef Dodges Jail Time After Reaching Plea Bargain In Drug Case

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Fast-forward to the morning of the 25th (today), and Chief Keef has already sorted out his fate, after a quick one-two session in the Minnehaha courthouse. According to TMZ, Keef and his attorneys accepted a plea bargain that calls for one whole year of sobriety (drug-free) and for Keef to submit a “no contest” plea right on the spot. If Love Sosa respects those conditions, he will avoid jail time. On the other hand, should he disobey those requirements, he will invariably open himself up to much harsher punishment in the future.