Chester Bennington's Wife Says Family Speaks to Late Linkin Park Singer Through His Old Microphone


It's been a year since Chester Bennington's tragic death on July 20, 2017. With a year to cope and process, Chester's wife Talinda Bennington sat down with Los Angeles station FOX 11 about how her family, including 7-year-old twins, have coped with their sudden loss.

"It was my mission to not let this mistake ruin my children," she said, adding that she has encouraged her kids to talk about their father. The children frequently find solace in talking to him through one his microphones, which they keep in their family home.

"I just kind tell him how my day is going, and then I'll ask him to come into my dreams. My dog recently passed away, so I'll ask him to bring my dog," Tyler, Bennington's 12-year-old son, said. Talinda adds, "They are allowed to speak into it when they want to feel close to him." 

When looking back on the day Chester passed, Talinda said it will forever be "so seared in my mind," admitting that some her hardest moments have been hearing Linkin Park songs while out in public. But Talia made it a mission to turn these confusing and nostalgic emotions into action, creating a campaign #320ChangesDirection, in honor Chester's March 20 birthday. 

Talinda took #320ChangesDirection and joined forces with, aiming to alter the public's view and patient's experiences with mental health, depression and addiction. For Talinda, this difficult year has not only consisted panel discussions and interviews, but more importantly a focus on bringing her children to a place clarity. 

Talinda reveals she tells her children that "daddy died because his brain was sick," which has inspired Tyler to bring awareness to the issue alongside his mother. "Even if your day is not going great, tell someone. Don't hide your feelings; express them," he recommends, adding, "it's all about finding someone you trust."

To see the emotional story, check out the FOX11 video below.