Cherryade Want You to Dance and Depend On Yourself With Latest Track: Listen


For the last year, London-based duo Ella and Alex, known better as Cherryade, have been dealing with what they describe as "industry stuff." In trying to make it as a musical team, the two focused their energy on finding labels, managers and more, before deciding that they weren't having fun anymore. Now, they're back and having more fun than ever. 

On their latest single, "Bang. Pop. Go Worldwide." (premiering below), Cherryade are letting loose and giving the middle finger to anyone who anyone who would aim to change their vibe. As the heavy-house beats pick up, the two encourage listeners to join them, singing "Get wild in the daylight/ Get wild at night/ Let's go worldwide."

In an exclusive statement to Billboard, Alex explains that the song was written, along with all of the songs from their upcoming EP Sinking Ship, over the course of one weekend. "It was really freeing handling the production," he says. "[We were] literally just dancing around and having a laugh with no expectations or pressure and I think that really shows in the music.” 

Ella agrees, adding that the song became a personal rallying cry for the pair to reignite their love for what they do. "We just wanted to make something fun and carefree — we got really weighed down with industry stuff earlier this year that took away the fun of writing and being creative, so this song is us finding our feet again," she says. 

The duo also spoke about how they became friends at age 12, when they bonded over artists like M.I.A., whose lyrics they credit with helping to inspire their work today. "I remember us going to an M.I.A. gig together at a tiny half empty venue in Norwich before Paper Planes blew up and loving it — it was weird and crazy but with really smart and important lyrics, and that’s what we’ve always tried to do," Alex says, with Ella adding, "Lyrics are always really important to us — even with pop songs, we’ve always gravitated towards artists like Marina, Grimes, Lily Allen, etc. who have something to say."

Check out Cherryade's new single "Bang. Pop. Go Worldwide." below: