Check Out Eminem’s Whimsical Social Media-Themed Lyric Video For "Untouchable"


Check Out Eminem's Whimsical Social Media-Themed Lyric Video For "Untouchable"

Eminem released "Untouchable" as a two-part song while launching the pre-order his "Revival" album.

The track, interestingly enough, seemed to be greeted with a lot hate the Internet. Most fans complained about the structure the song and Eminem’s chopped up flow.

However, the lyrical content is certainly nothing to sneeze at and was most likely overlooked. Em has found a way to bring the focus back to it, properly, with a unique lyric video.

It is social media-themed with interface throughout the clip resembling those Facebook and Instagram. (Seems appropriate).

This innovative concept should help refocus the record. Check it out below!