Cheat Codes Find Expensive Love and Bass in 'Balenciaga' Exclusive


Want the Cheat Codes to love? Get rich. It might not bring you a love that lasts, but it will bring some cuties around to give you attention with a side existential crisis.

Cheat Codes grapples with the “does she really love me or just my money” question in its latest bass-riddled boomer “Balenciaga.” Whether or not the love is real, the dudes look satisfied as the trio makes its way across the country on tour. Watch live footage Cheat Codes amping up crowds and riding some kind air hanger version a zamboni. Go ahead and mosh around to this beastly drop and forget your relationship woes.

Cheat Codes has been quite busy in 2018. “Balenciaga” is the trio's third original single the year, plus three remixes for other producers and a remix package their tune “Feels Great.” This latest tune is out now on Too Easy, and you can watch the tour shot music video below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.