Charlotte Rapper Kris Rich’s ‘Classroom’ Video's Graphic Sex Scenes Spur Emergency PTA Zoom Meeting


Gaston County, NC – Not one but two rap videos filmed at Mountain Island Charter School in Gaston County, North Carolina have sounded the alarm, resulting in an emergency PTA Zoom meeting.

According to WCNC Charlotte, both Blacc Zacc’s “Bang” featuring DaBaby and Kris Rich’s “Classroom” were filmed at or inside the school. The students’ parents are livid about the “Classroom” visual in particular due to its graphic sex scenes and presence of a fake gun.

Berkley Savage, a parent with two students at the school, thought DaBaby-featured video was an isolated incident and let it go. But apparently nothing prepared her for what she saw in “Classroom.”

“We are absolutely disgusted that that would be allowed on our campus,” Savage said. “No matter how they want to spin it, this was a huge failure of leadership. There’s no excuse for letting these people in our school unsupervised and participate in the conduct that they did.”

Executive Director of Mountain Island Charter School Justin Matthews told WCNC Charlotte he was just as surprised by the video’s content and was led to believe he was asked to use the school grounds for a college project. He also claimed the questionable content was shot “in secret.”

Still, Savage is outraged, asking, “Why would you give a college kid free rein access to our school, unsupervised?”

The Mountain Island Charter School issued a statement, apologizing for their lack in judgement.

“We are shocked and appalled to learn that one of the area community members has taken advantage of our school’s hospitality by releasing inappropriate, unapproved content,” the statement read in part. “Mountain Island Charter School does not approve of, condone nor do we support content of this nature.

“The school is rapidly coordinating a response with our legal team in hopes that we can prevent this from happening in the future while at the same time still allowing our community use of our wonderful campus.”

“Classroom” was released last month and has pulled in over 190,000 YouTube views, which will likely only increase thanks to the controversy.

Watch the Gemni-directed visual below.