Charlie Sheen Still Has Beef With Rihanna


We are all very aware the fact that Charlie Sheen is an absolutely outspoken and sometimes disrespectful individual. The actor is always saying something f the wall and extremely controversial like his recent comments about Donald Trump.

It appears that the actor has more to say now, and the subject those comments is none other than mega-star Rihanna. Just to refresh your memory, Charlie Sheen and Rihanna got into it on Twitter a few years back because an incident that happened in 2014 at an LA restaurant between Charlie, his girlfriend and the singer. Long story short, Charlie's girlfriend wanted to meet Rihanna but the singer allegedly blew them f and that angered the actor.

Charlie posted the following rant to Twitter.

Rihanna clapped back accordingly with the following tweets.

While several years have passed since the incident, it appears that Charlie is still sour about it and voiced his opinion on the matter in a new interview on the Bravo network show "Watch What Happen Next?" In the clip below the actor gives the singer a few choice words and seemingly reignites the long standing feud. While there is no response from the singer yet, ain't no telling what type storm will be brewing because this.