Charlie Sheen and Lil Pump Administer Strange Meds In 'Drug Addict' Music Watch


Charlie Sheen, the infamous party animal, actor and pranity expert, has been laying low for a bit. Well, he’s back. And, true to form, Sheen’s return to the screen is both a surprise and pretty bizarre, playing a shady doctor opposite Lil Pump in the music video for “Drug Addict.”     

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the music video descents into a full blown trip as the odd couple “Dr Sheen” and “Dr Pump” do the rounds a ward and administer some wacky meds. Pills, weed, liquid refreshments. It’s unclear who are the patients, but it’s pretty obvious everyone gets wasted.     


It’s all fun and games until the white coats arrive. Check it out below.