Charlie Puth's Voicenotes Tour: The 8 Best Moments


Charlie Puth kicked f his third headlining stint, as part the 2018 Honda Civic Tour, last week. Marking his biggest North American outing to date, the trek will see the 26-year-old hitting 30 cities all across America -- and judging by his performance at a sold-out Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Monday night (July 16), Puth is ready to leave every fan awe-inspired with his latest show.

From his spot-on vocals to the unique set-up the stage, Charlie proves himself as a deserving headliner, singing all but two tracks from his sophomore album, Voicenotes, as well as some older favorites. Take a look at some the highlights from Puth's 90-minute show below.

His Abundance Ad-Libs

​All the runs, falsetto and power notes Puth showcases on Voicenotes are brought to life in his show -- and then some. Puth gives each track his all, adding even more vocal gusto to just about every song. Some the best additions come during "How Long," "Slow It Down" and "Patient," but there's really not a song that disappoints.

​His Playful Crowd Banter

Charlie's impressive vocals are complemented with some quirky commentary, which hint that he's pretty confident that he's nailing the performance part, but maybe not always quite sure what to say in between songs. As he amps up the crowd early in the show, he points out some the older folks in attendance with amusing assertiveness: "Parents, did your teenage daughter drag you here? Are you happy about it? You're gonna be."

His Keytar

Being the piano whiz kid he is, Charlie course has a keyboard on stage with him. But he's also able to go full-on rock star thanks to a badass keytar, which allows him to rule the stage a little more than he's been able to in the past. Along with jamming on it for his own songs, Puth even plays a jazzed-up snippet  Frankie Valli's "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You." Charlie, record that in full, please?

His Dad Moves

When he isn't playing keys or keytar, Charlie is grooving his way around the stage. Remember those silly arm rolls and shimmies he did in the "How Long" video? Those moves are out in full force, and they're just as endearing in person as they are on camera.

​His Cabaret Version "Marvin Gaye"

Though the tour is devoted to Puth's new album, he doesn't skip over the fan favorites from his debut LP, 2016's Nine Track Mind. That includes "We Don't Talk Anymore," "Suffer," "One Call Away" and the show-closing "See You Again." But the standout is a new version "Marvin Gaye" that sounds like he should be singing it in an after-hours joint -- bringing the Voicenotes level maturity to one his earlier, more bubblegum tracks.

His Heartfelt Speech About "Change"

Charlie perches on a stool at center stage with just his guitarist for his message-filled James Taylor collab "Change," but makes sure to further his sentiment before starting the acoustic ballad. "Not one song is going to change the world every night, but I checked on iTunes and this song is 3 minutes and 30 seconds, and I was thinking to myself if -- not saying that my song alone is going to change the world, because it can't, unfortunately -- but it was listened to Spotify and Apple Music like, 15 million times.

And I thought to myself, 'If more people wrote songs that are 3 minutes and 30 seconds long, multiply that by 15 million, and that's a lot minutes peace,'" he says. "And I'm just one artist. I urge all the songwriters in the audience tonight, all the artists, creative people -- the right-minded people and the left-minded people -- to know that whatever you do in this world multiplied can spread lots joy. Whether you think it can or not, it absolutely can."

His Abs

Charlie starts out the show with a short-sleeved (unbuttoned) button-up over a tank, progressively stripping each layer as the performance goes on. Eventually shirtless -- which the ladies loved -- Puth struts around the stage more half-naked than he does fully clothed, displaying an inspiring level confidence. But he's not too comfortable with baring his chest: When a girl yells, "Flex your muscles!," all he can do is laugh and dive into his next song.

​His Stage

The angled backdrop includes two massive screens that flash between Charlie, mesmerizing light shows and crowd shots, making the otherwise pretty simple staging feel vast. Charlie's performance is enough to carry the show, but with an awe-inspiring setup to compliment the talent, it's clear the Honda Civic Tour certainly isn't the last time Mr. Puth will be headlining.

Charlie Puth's Honda Civic Tour Set List

The Way I Am
Slow It Down
How Long
Empty Cups
LA Girls
Marvin Gaye
We Don't Talk Anymore
Somebody Told Me
Done for Me
One Call Away
See You Again