Charlie Puth Performs a Tear-Jerking Cover of Shawn Mendes' 'In My Blood': Watch


Shawn Mendes has been breeding all the feels with "In My Blood" since it dropped back in March. As if one heartthrob performing the evocative anthem wasn't swoon-worthy enough, enter Charlie Puth, who covered the ballad during his session at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge (uploaded June 8).

Just like the original, Puth begins the tune with only a piano while his buttery smooth vocals glide over the first verse. But where Mendes' version explodes into the passionate chorus, Puth's round keeps it mellow throughout, somehow making the raw lyrics even more devastating. His Berklee background is evident in his piano skills, where he inflicts his own Puth touch on the song to make it sound like it could've perhaps been his all along.

More Puth's soothing voice and instrumental skills can be heard on his second studio album, Voicenotes, released May 11. See his Mendes tribute below.