Charli XCX Recruits Lizzo for Glitzy Pop Anthem ‘Blame It on Your Love’: Listen


When Charli XCX released her critically acclaimed EP Pop 2 back in 2017, fans were perplexed when the final track of the album was simply titled “Track 10,” a seemingly unfinished addition to the record with a catchy chorus. On Wednesday (May 15), Charli is unveiling the definitive version of that song.

Charli XCX just released her new single “Blame It on Your Love,” featuring her friend Lizzo. The glittering, upbeat new track, which is a fully fleshed out version of “Track 10,” shows Charli apologizing to her lover for hurting them, saying that their love for her makes her act differently. “Every time I fuck it up/ I blame it on your love, I do,” she sings on the chorus.

But Lizzo’s guest verse on the song adds a new perspective, with the newly minted star dismissing her collaborator’s apology by saying, “I don't know what's wrong with this girl Charli, she crazy.” Instead of saying “sorry,” Lizzo insists that if her lover’s heart is broken, that’s their fault for falling for her. “I'm tryna catch millions, I ain't tryna catch feelings, bitch,” she raps.

The new song comes just after Charli announced her new one-day Pride music festival Go West Fest with her friend and collaborator Troye Sivan, featuring a lineup of LGBTQ stars like Carlie Hanson, Dorian Electra, Leland and more.

Check out Charli XCX and Lizzo’s new song “Blame It on Your Love” below: