Charles Fauna Delivers Euphoric 'Wait to Come Over' From Upcoming EP 'Eulogy': Premiere


Electronic indie-pop artist Charles Fauna debuts his latest single “Wait to Come Over” today (June 21), exclusively on Billboard. Perfectly infused with tranquil electro-pop and catchy verses, “Wait to Come Over” is the second track from his upcoming Eulogy EP (Sleep Well Records), set to be released Aug.17.

The song explores the mental and emotional back-and-forth someone who is in need love but is too afraid that their partner will not stay. Fauna captures this indecisiveness in romantic relationships in the first verse, singing: “Stay with me/ We’ll rise when you fall/Trembling/If you’re my real friend, then don’t you wanna wait to come over/Don’t you want wait to come over here?”

Fauna’s forthcoming EP — which was entirely recorded at his home in Brooklyn and mixed at various studios across the five boroughs — was inspired by a fatal hit-and-run he witnessed in Brooklyn last year. He said that “Wait to Come Over” is the voice someone who has recently seen or experienced a traumatic event and is struggling to connect with others as a result.

“The speaker this song is someone whose grasp on everyday life has been suddenly shattered. People who were once a source love and support become decontextualized as fragile, fickle, and potentially devastating losses,” Fauna tells Billboard. “In this song loved ones are pushed away out necessity as the speaker (and listener) begins a journey to understand the beauty impermanence, and the power human connection.”

Since beginning his project in January 2017, the singer-songwriter-producer has released a string acclaimed singles that have reached top three on Hype Machine and were featured on Spotify's New Music Friday playlist. He also performed at the South by Southwest music festival back in March.

Listen to “Wait to Come Over” below.