Charles Barkley Doesn’t Think Kevin Durant Can Play For The Knicks


There has been quite a bit of speculation as to which team Kevin Durant will join in the offseason when he becomes a free agent. One of the teams that have been thrown around quite a bit is the New York Knicks who would be an ideal destination for a player trying to build their own legacy and prove they can win a championship on their own.

NBA analyst and former player, Charles Barkley, was asked about Durant joining the Knicks and he had a pretty interesting answer. For Barkley, Durant gets too wrapped up in the media and social media to play in a city as hectic as New York.

Charles Barkley Doesn't Think Kevin Durant Can Play For The Knicks

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

“Well, I’d say, ‘Kevin you’re one of the greatest players I’ve ever seen. You’ve also got some of the thinnest skin I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if you’re made for New York City,” Barkley said, via SNY. “I think that would be the toughest aspect. If he’s arguing with these teenagers online, he’s not going to be able to deal with that New York media. He’s a great person, he’s a great player. I don’t think he has the mental makeup to play in New York, that’s just my personal opinion.”

This week, Stephen A. Smith from ESPN reported that if the Warriors win this year, KD will leave although he’ll stay if they lose. If this is true, Knicks fans will certainly be rooting for the Warriors to win it all this season.