Charles Barkley Calls Timberwolves "One Of The Dumbest Teams"


On Sunday, the Minnesota Timberwolves squared f against the Houston Rockets in game 1 the NBA playfs; the latter team were able to best their opponents 104-101 in a relatively tight match. However, not everyone was satisfied with how the Timberwolves played, most notably Charles Barkley, who fered a particularly caustic critique team during one his ritual half-time rants. 

Barkley was frustrated with how the Timberwolves missed out on some opportunities to gain an advantage over the Rockets throughout the first half. The retired basketball player did not appreciate how the team did not attack mismatches in an effective manner when Houston switched pick-and-rolls and put a guard on Karl-Anthony Towns. Barkley’s displeasure resulted in him remarking that the Wolves are “one the dumbest teams I’ve ever seen.”

Chris Webber also expressed similar disappointment in Karl-Anthony Towns, who the two sportscasters believed made a crucial mistake in flaring out to the corner as opposed to trying to take Houston’s guard down onto the block. 

Throughout playf matches, it is crucial that basketball players continuously analyze their opponents in order to gain leverage, as any minute flub can result in an unnecessary loss.